High on a visit to the bank



One of the first things you are faced with as a foreigner in China is the communication barrier. 

I have never been so totally lost and unable to manage simple everyday tasks like ordering a pizza, taking a Taxi or buying groceries as I have in China.

I don’t think people realize just how challenging and time consuming it can be to achieve simple things in China without knowing the language.

You will come a long way with Wechat translator, body language and helpful English speaking Chinese people who like to offer their help but sometimes it is just not enough.

The helplessness you feel in these situations can really drag you down.

So when you finally manage to learn some basic Chinese and one day manage to actually get what you asked for it is a HUGE thing.

You feel like singing and dancing and shouting it out to the world;

Guess what I ordered a pizza delivery today and it actually showed up. It wasn’t quite what I expected …but at least they got my address right!

Guess what I was able to recognise one of the 80 dishes in the chinese menu today!

Hey the Taxidriver already got my pronounciation of the adress right after I repeated it for the fifth time!

Today after almost two years living in China I was able to go to the bank and explain that I forgot my husbands card in the ATM last night …plus get it back again. ( After a lot of paperwork and  questions and only because I brought two passports, our marriage certificate, a power of attorney and a picture of the lost card …so no I can not recommend leaving your card in a Chinese ATM)

But what a feeling!

In that moment when I walked out the door with the bank card in my hand and realized I managed to solve the situation all by myself in Chinese my happiness was complete😉

That is one of the things that I love about my life here in China.

You really learn to appreciate the small things in life…

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